Competition Rules





  1. All current National Federation State High School Spirit Rules will be followed.  Reminder: Basket Tosses are not allowed at the elementary and middle school levels per NFSHS. There will be three certified judges.

  2. All participants must have a signed medical/liability form at the competition.

  3. I understand that CHEER UNLIMITED reserves the right to remove any person for unsafe or unsportsmanlike conduct.

  4. All members of the squads must be current members of the official school spirit squads and must attend the school they are representing.

  5. My team and I have read and understand all rules and regulations as stated in CHEER UNLIMITED Rules and will abide by them.

  6. I understand that the possibility of injury is present at cheer and dance activities and certify that my team has been properly trained.

  7. CHEER UNLIMITED reserves the right to add/combine divisions to create the best possible atmosphere for a competitive championship.  Judging will be based on the percentage of the teams required elements in a given category to ensure complete fairness and no bias.

  8. 1st , 2nd and 3rd place trophies will be awarded in each division and an overall highest score of the day.

  9. Championship - all places will be awarded in each division and an overall highest score of the day.




  1. Cheer routines may not exceed 2 minutes and 30 seconds.  The music portion must not exceed 1 minute and 30 seconds.

  2. Timing will begin with the first movement or when the music begins.




  1. The cheer competition area will be 9 standard cheer mats which is 42 X 54 feet.

  2. Signs or props may be used.




  1. Judges are UCA/NCA certified judges.

  2. The judges will score using the same score sheet as used for state competition (sample may be found on the FHSAA website).

  3. All decisions by the judges will be final.

  4. Score sheets may be reviewed for clarification only.




  1. Questions concerning performance should be made immediately after the performance by the coach of the team.

  2. Questions are to be directed to CHEER UNLIMITED staff.

  3.  I understand that only the director/coach may approach CHEER UNLIMITED staff to register a complaint.  If a parent contacts CHEER UNLIMITED staff or CHEER UNLIMITED judge with an objection I understand my right to protest has been forfeited.



  1. All participants agree to conduct themselves in a manner displaying good sportsmanship at all times during the competition.

  2. The team’s coach will be held responsible for conduct of their team and parents.

  3. Serious infractions of sportsmanship will result in disqualification, and/or removal from the gym.

AACCA - Rules and Regulations

Rules - USA Cheer